Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Niche Organic Search Can Dominate for Quality Lead Generation

Long-tail search SERP home-runs can be achieved, if you know your target market language. 

I've just achieved one of those relatively rare, enjoyable SEO events where some of my niche technical service webpages dominate the top three organic search spots for one key search term, out of over 3,200,000 indexed pages... along with the number two spot on Adwords. Rarely, some of my webpages even achieved the top four organic SERP results, a "grand slam", beating out millions of other indexed pages.

SEO Niche is Nice:
How did I do this? Long-tail search exploitation is the main answer. Finding service niches and exploiting them. Often, just creating a new, cross-indexed, market-niche, sub-category webpage with relevant content will do the job nicely for top SEO results.

Niche Content Benefits SEO.
Focusing on location is another powerful way to differentiate a webpage and catapult it to the top of the SERPS. With proper research and reflection, this sort of niche long-tail SEO success can be duplicated many times. You'll get less visitors to these niche pages, but visitor quality will be higher. For business-to-business technical web marketing, I'll take quality visitors over quantity any day.

Can I rest on my laurels? Never. SEO is a lead generation contest that never ends.

For every SEO victory, there is another SEO challenge. For example, while building overwhelming success with one long-tail search term, another location-specific search term gave me "good" results, but the page I really expected to be top-ranked is not listed on page one, yet. OK, so is it time to think, analyze and take action? It is a newer page, but to ensure that new page ranks in the top results, I must monitor for it, and if results in a few weeks are not satisfactory I'll have to work on optimizing that new page.
Winning at SEO takes skill, analytical ability, productivity, a search-friendly website, patience, work, and persistence.