Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day by Matt Bailey

I'm endorsing an excellent internet marketing book. 
There is a vast ocean of web marketing publications out there promising wisdom and success, but only a precious few provide real tangible guidance and practical how-to details. As busy marketeers, our time is very limited. Time, in fact, is money. The challenge is to find and read only those web marketing books worthy of our time.

I've found an excellent web marketing guide which will help you, no matter your experience and knowledge base.
Matt Bailey is a recognized authority on web marketing. His expertise helped guide my company to make some very wise decisions a few years ago, decisions which have propelled us to unprecedented success in web marketing and lead generation.
Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day
Your Guide to Web Marketing Success.
Matt's approach takes his years of proven experience and expertise and applys it for practical, tangible, results.Matt's book "Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day" fits this useful philosophy precisely.

Matt provides an overview on the key factors involved in successful internet marketing... and then shows you how to get things done. He dives in to teach the crucial details and the practical and effective steps and actions.

Matt provides the vital "how to" needed in order to make things happen and help us WIN at internet marketing.

This is a book you should read if you are involved with Internet Marketing, at any level of experience.

I hope my competitors never read this book. That is probably the best compliment I can give to Matt Bailey and his book "Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day".