Sunday, May 3, 2015

Recycle and Repurpose Old Webpages.

Repurpose, Reuse, and Recycle Search Engine Friendly webpages.

If possible, save B-to-B webpages which are getting superior search engine rankings but are starting to look obsolescent or out-of-date. Think before you delete. It doesn't pay to mindlessly remove an 'old' webpage which has proven SEO and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) success. If the webpage can re-purposed to a new productive use, take advantage of the situation.

An 'old' webpage, for example, which is ranking number one in organic search out of 3 million indexed webpages has real value. Keep it and recycle it if you can. Your lead generation results will thank you!

Old indexed pages with good index visibility have commercial value and should be retained if at all possible. The page content can be modified to meet new needs and circumstances.

Putting New Wine in Old Bottles:
The page content can be significantly changed to meet current and future needs. Perhaps there is an opportunity to create a niche content drill-down opportunity for long-tail search success, or add an allied page to enhance and promote a core service.

The ability to exploit an old webpage for new purposes is only limited by one's imagination and understanding of the business, and how the niche webpage can best serve the business.

But to simply delete the 'old' page without evaluating for future utility is a bad idea. Simplistic deletion can also harm your visibility on the web. If you must delete the page, redirect the URL to another relevant webpage as part of the deletion process. This will preserve some of the SERP history, at least for a while.

There have been many times where I've neutralized requests to 'remove' 'old' webpages because the content had become obsolete or 'wrong'. Instead, I've looked at the page history, navigation, lead generation, web analytics, and other visitor behaviors and related data. If the page has value, I've re-purposed the webpage and often created a more potent lead generation opportunity than before thanks to new and more focused content on a page which already had enviable SERP results.

A related request to 'dumping' webpages pages with relatively low levels of visitors can come from people convinced a webpage has little value because the monthly visits are 'low', say 200 a month, for example. This is a topic for another blog article, but the short answer is that in technical B-to-B web marketing quality visits are more important than quantity visits. You're targeting a tiny but extremely valuable market of decision makers and influencers. If those 200 monthly visitors are generating quality leads, then the page is doing its job and is highly valuable to the business.

Search Engine Marketing expert, trainer, teacher, and consultant Bruce Clay has published an informative article on webpage re-purposing:
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