Thursday, May 21, 2009

Professional Profile of Erik Holladay

Erik Holladay Professional Overview:

Twitter: @ErikHolladay

Skilled, high-energy professional with a strong, unbroken track-record of success in technical sales, B-to-B marketing, and business development.

My expertise includes USA and International Sales, B-to-B marketing, industrial, technical, and business development, driving in top-line revenues at high margins in a cost-effective manner. Customers range from major international corporations to large national companies and smaller localized firms.

I understand marketing and sales, generating significant numbers of quality enquiries for the sales funnel that convert to new sales and tactical and strategic business project opportunities, from $1,000 sales to Million Dollar projects.

My expertise in Web B-to-B marketing and Search Engine Marketing brings Intertek tens of thousands of quality business enquiries across global markets and languages each year, producing millions of dollars in profitable top-line organic growth.

Similar success is achieved by attracting executive and high-level decision-maker enquiries for key strategic project and acquisition opportunities.

I have significant experience with successful Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, PR, CRM Integration, Sales Funnel Activity, Advertising, Trade Shows and other marketing channels across industries, markets, languages and geographies.

My marketing work, combined with a strong professional work-ethic, results in the demand generation of thousands of quality enquiries on a global basis, which convert into profitable business for the Intertek business units I represent.

Marketing and Sales Strengths:
Marketing, business development, lead generation, search engine marketing, SEO optimization, B-to-B marketing, B-to-B Sales, strategic and tactical marketing and business development, trade show management, sales management, adept multi-tasker, proven top 10% performer for sales and marketing, and more.

I know how to both market and sell services and products, often with complex and technical features and benefits.

Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refining, Electronics, Micro-electronics and Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Construction, Biotechnology, R&D, Materials, Food & Agri, Laboratory, Academia, and other diverse manufacturing, and more.

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