Saturday, November 10, 2012

The History of Search Engine Marketing

The Birth and Evolution of the Search Engine Industry Infographic.

If you are fascinated by and are a fanatic for search engine marketing, which I am, this "history of search" infographic is notable, interesting and entertaining. Markus Allen, the Editor and Publisher of a high quality Search Engine Marketing (SEM) information-rich website called "Search Engine Marketing Roundup", has produced a comprehensive historical overview of the evolution of search, from ancient historical times in 1994 to 2011. From Lycos and Webcrawler to Yahoo and Overture, to Bing and... oh yeah... the elephant in the search engine marketing room..... Google. An update for 2012, with all the anti-spammer algorithm changes made by Matt Cutts et al at Google, is awaited and will be very interesting.

Google algorithm factors
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