Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life after Google Penguin - Pretty Good!

How has your SEO life been faring after Google’s Penguin update?

Mr. Milind Mody, CEO at eBrandz, has posted an excellent question on Linked-in today regarding search engine marketing and the Penguin Google search updates which have shaken up the SEO industry.

His question is straightforward:
"How has your Life been after Google’s Penguin Update? – Diagnose, Recover, Rebuild"

My answer is essentially: No Worries. (Good) Content is (Still) King

Here is my extended answer, posted on Linked-in:

Matt Cutts +  Google + Penquin =
SERP Pain & Suffering for Some.
I can discuss B-to-B search engine marketing, I realize B-to-C is a different matter. The SERP rankings for the B-to-B businesses that I cover are excellent, and even 'dominate' many important search results. I've been enjoying this happy state of affairs for years now. I focus on the target customers first and try to provide relevant + concise + precise long-tail content, apply suitable internal cross-linking, use niche social media and other 'white hat' best practices.
I do not engage in link-buying, nor spend time on link-building campaigns. I trim extraneous content to enhance the pages for both the reader and Google. I ignore artificial techniques attempting to 'game' the system in a useless attempt to acquire inbound links. I don't need them!
Penguin, Panda, Farmer and the rest of the Google anti-spam updates have cleaned up the SERPs and have benefited my content focused pages and my SERP results. I try to stay on a virtuous path regarding SEO... this approach has brought significant benefits to our search engine marketing and lead generation results.

Learn more about the Penguin SEO anti-spam updates: