Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun With Adwords @ SES San Francisco 2012

Adwords Deep Dive.

I've just finished an intense full day of Adwords training: "Advanced Keyword Research & Management" and "Mastering the Google Display Network" at Search Engine Strategies in San Francisco, courtesy of ClickZ.

Search Engine Strategies 2012
Adwords is a complex system that is stuffed with a complex, diverse range of tools, data, and options which can be overlooked and under-utilized due to time restraints and/or a simple lack of awareness. These classes shed light on the array of options available in Adwords.
The ClickZ Adword classes today were focused, in-depth and extremely useful. Applying the techniques, tactics, strategies, technologies, analytics, lessons and options learned today can transform paid search campaigns.
Paid Search is a vital tool to help drive in business, quality leads, and market awareness. It should never replace organic search success, but PPC does a great job in  complementing it. Direct Search ads and Display Network ads are important tools in a proper search engine marketing kit. I've been using Adwords since 2003, but I'm not ashamed to say I learned quite a bit of useful information today!

Adword experts Bill Hunt and Joseph Kerschbaum put on the classes today:

Advanced Keyword Research & Management

Bill Hunt
SES Advisory Board; President, Back Azimuth Consulting @billhunt
Don't assume your search campaigns are 'optimized'. Most likely, they aren't. There is always room for improvement. Bill Hunt spent 4 hours showing how adword campaigns can be improved, even transformed.... and how lucrative new business opportunities can be discovered. Bill shows there is huge potential for improving your current campaigns.... generating more leads, more intelligently, and quite possibly at lower cost. It didn't matter if attendees were rookies or grizzled Adwords veterans, this was an extremely useful class. I recommend Bill's class to anyone touching an Adwords account.

Mastering the Google Display Network

Joseph Kerschbaum
Vice President, Clix Marketing @joekerschbaum
Display Ads with Google have been evolving. Joseph shows that the lower expectations and poor perceptions of Display Ads from a few years ago is now unjustified. Joseph guided the class through the improvements and innovations in display options, tracking, exclusions, remarketing, etc. He also dived into tactics and strategies with Display Ads. Joseph makes it easy to understand that the 2012 Google Adwords Display Network is not your Father's old clunky Google Content Network. Thank God. Thanks to Joseph, a new appreciation for Google Display Ads is possible. Display Ads is a resource which should not be overlooked, nor under-managed. For anyone ready to take a serious look at Google Display Ads, Joseph provided an exceptionally informative and eye-opening class today.

My impression of today's events at SES:
There was so much valuable, useful information presented today by both gentlemen that it is impossible to provide an outline here without writing a small book - - in outline form. Based on the wealth of Adwords and Paid Search marketing information received today, I'm confident a rapid payback and positive ROI will quickly result from today's classes  - - even if only a few of the many ideas, tactics, and suggestions they presented are used.