Thursday, October 15, 2009

Want Good Web Leads? Then SEO Matters.

Life without SEO would be Tough for B-to-B Marketers.

SEO Central, Mountain View.
Life without Search Engine Optimization would make attracting quality business enquiries a whole lot tougher. SEO is such an effective weapon for web-marketing lead generation that it is a very top priority for me, exploiting organic, long-tail and paid search options with success.

Thanks to SEO, we’ve been able to generate thousands and thousands of B-to-B enquiries and bring in millions of dollars in high margin revenue... all from having a laser-sharp focus on SEO. SEO has helped transform our business almost beyond recognition compared to when I started managing web marketing in 2003. Without SEO, I’d be handicapped. I can’t image not using SEO as my top lead-gen tool. 

Yes, the page content must be relevant to the actual human visitor, and must have an effective call-to-action. But if one doesn't also apply SEO principles to webpages, those pages most likely will not make page one on search engine results.

Page one Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is where your B-to-B services and products need to be ranked. There is too much competition for the limited space available... publishing a webpage without applying search optimization is like opening a fancy new retail store and failing to put signs on the building. Potential customers will have a hard time finding you or the products you sell.

Of what use is a lowly ranking webpage for search engine lead generation? 
Not much use at all. 

A poorly ranked webpage becomes invisible and may as will not exist for organic search engine marketing.

A great looking webpage, if one measures by ROI and productivity, is not the one that gets design kudos, recognitions or awards from hordes of marketing and advertising 'creatives' meeting at annual conferences. No, a great looking webpage is one that ranks in the top five organic search listings in Google for a key search phrase. This is SEO Bliss. When combined with relevant content and an effective call-to-action, such a SEO'd webpage is a profitable B-toB lead-generation work of high art.

FEED Your Website. FEED IT.