Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Organic SEO Writer? Read This Blog!

A tweet from Jill Whalen with High Rankings alerted me to an excellent, funny and educational blog about organic search optimization and who you are really writing for. Written by A. J. Kohn at "Blind Five Year Old", the blog hammers / nails / slams / nukes home the point that web content is worth almost nothing for search engine marketing unless that content makes it to page one search results

In other words.... Search Engines control our destiny with organic SEO. Pay attention to them. Ignore them at your risk. 
Anyone getting into the SEO game should read Kohn's blog:

Search Engines Emulate Human Evaluation:
Stop writing for people. Start writing for search engines.

I very much enjoyed reading this article, the humorous twist is creative and entertaining. In order to GET FOUND via organic search, your content MUST be highly ranked by search engines. To get highly ranked means one must write for search engines. Getting found is a major requirement to getting leads from customers. 
You need to be found here, with SEO.
HOWEVER / AND simultaneously the content must also be compelling to the human visitor so that they contact us… good lead generation or another positive action is the ultimate goalGetting search engines to rank my webpages high for organic search is a top priority, and getting qualified prospective customers (people), to call, email, chat, or send a webform enquiry to my company is the highest top priority. 
SEO is a means to the end. Developing relevant webpages and websites while paying attention to search engine optimization is great for business

Mr. Kohn is also obviously a cool person for posting a video of the opening sequence of the original 1967 series "The Prisoner" on his blog as an educational tool. Fantastic. Number Six and Number Two would be very proud. Thanks for a great Blog!

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