Sunday, July 7, 2013

Promote Your Business - Wear The Brand

Inexpensive branding is easy when employees wear the Brand. 

Looking for a cheap (cost-effective) way to promote your company and brand?

Look no further than the shirt or blouse on your back. Wearing branded shirts while conducting business with clients and during business travel is an inexpensive, economical, and effective way to promote your company and business.

When travelling on business and attending business events such as seminars, conferences, and expositions, consider wearing branded shirts, where appropriate.

Wearing a company branded shirt while attending an industry event and during business travel by air, subway, and train, enables your company name and logo to be seen by hundreds, even thousands, of people in a single day.

A company branded shirt brings instant recognition from potentially valuable contacts who might have heard of your business and want to know more. Existing clients will introduce themselves and present an opportunity to further strengthen your business relationship.

Wearing a branded shirt is a great low-cost marketing tactic straight out of the Guerilla Marketing playbook. Any business can take advantage of this simple but valuable method for promoting attention to your business, from a local Mom & Pop operation to a global Fortune 500 company.