Monday, April 8, 2013

Google Adwords Scripts

Fred Vallaeys of Top Tier Marketing is a 10 year Google Adwords veteran, including Google's Adword Evangelist, before starting his own company. Fred's presentation at HEROPPC during the "Winning in a Hypercompetitive Market" session today was very informative, sharing how anyone managing Adwords accounts can use a useful tool provided free by Google Adwords to help make campaign adjustments and analysis easier and more automated.

Learn more about Google Adwords Scripts in this video from Google, "Go Bigger, Faster, with Adwords Scripts":

The Adwords Scripts video is nearly one hour long, and is deep on detail, so make sure you have some quality time to view it. You can also visit the Google Developers website to learn more:

Access and use complete Adword scripts from Google: