Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Think Local for Great Organic Search Results.

Local + Generic Content SEO: New Web-page gets Google Top Ranking in less than 24 Hours.
A very successful organic search engine marketing tactic is to target local content searches for your product or service. Build relevant, precise web-pages geared towards specific locations and the business services/products you offer... then watch the leads come in. Using local search tactics is a classic form of long-tail search marketing optimization, with proven results.

Local  Search SEO can bring Big Business Benefits.
By "local", I mean a specific geographic area - - which can be as large as a state or province, and as small as a town or neighborhood. When the geographic targeting is combined with your targeted service or product, excellent search results can occur quickly.... resulting in more lucrative business enquiries for you, and less for your hapless competitors.

To give an example, I recently built a new web-page targeting a few niche technical services for a geographically targeted area - - a state in the USA, in this case. In less than 16 hours after going live, this newly minted web-page is scoring in the top 5 organically ranked web-pages listed on Google, beating out another 8 million web-pages indexed by Google per search, on average, to get these coveted positions. And the page is ranking very high for a variety of quality searches I want to be ranked on.

So quality content and geographic targeting for a new webpage resulted in top Google organic search rankings in less than 24 hours. Not all first attempts will be so successful. And even with this excellent debut, the new page is not yet ranking for other desired searches, so I'll monitor and tweak the content as needed. When it comes to successful SEO results, everything is always a work in progress!
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