Monday, April 18, 2011

About to Graduate from University? Need a Job? Get Linkedin Now.

Linkedin can be an important tool to get you the job you want after graduation.

If you are a college student facing graduation in a year or less, you're seeing a tough job market. Competition will be fierce. How do you get noticed by potential employers, and make important connections before you graduate, so your chances of getting hired to the dream job you want are improved? 

I have one important word of advice for you: Linkedin. Register and get on Linkedin now. The sooner you do, the better for you. Give yourself a competitive edge in the job market... get a Linkedin account.

Linkedin is a more serious version of Facebook for the professional business world. It is not designed for socializing and game playing. It is designed to make business contacts, join professional organizations, and network, network and network. It is a virtual Rolodex* that never becomes obsolete... a networking tool to connect with business professionals, recruiters, clients, senior management and much more.

Potential employers and job recruiters are crawling through Linkedin, searching for talent and potential hires for a wide range of jobs and industries. As a newly minted graduate, you need to get visibility - - and get it fast. 

Linkedin will help you get noticed by potential recruiters across markets, regions and countries. The basic version of LinkedIn is FREE. To upgrade is inexpensive, it is an investment in yourself. Start connecting with your professors (you'll be surprised to see your professors with business and networking sense already there), parents, parents of friends, university speakers, intern contacts, and people you know the industry you want to target for your job search. 

The real power of Linkedin is your ability to explore and find new contacts who can help you find that first, great professional job after graduation.You can also join Linkedin Groups which are interesting for you.... Campus organizations and Alumni associations have Groups on Linkedin.... great ways to get started with your networking! You can even start your own Linkedin group focused on a industry, science, engineering discipline, career interest, and more.... showing you have initiative and leadership skills.

If you are a Senior or Junior, get started now. It takes time to build a quality network, and you need to visit and update your Linkedin account on a fairly regular basis, not a daily social feeding frenzy like Facebook, but at least a few times a week. Keep your profile updated, pay attention to your profile, and always look for quality connections which can help in your professional career.

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