Thursday, December 23, 2010

December is a perfect time for SEO updates.

For B-to-B search engine marketing, taking advantage of the relatively quiet period during the last two weeks of December is an excellent time to update and revise your webpages for search engine optimization.

Global business activity drops significantly during late December, and the Christmas and New Year holidays. Take advantage of this seasonal lull by reviewing your webpages, refresh and optimize them, with an eye towards improving and maintaining your valuable and coveted search engine rankings for next year.

Jumping on this task now gives the search engine bots more time to re-index your pages, and hopefully have your webpages placed into an improved position for key search terms when your customers come back to work in January.

If you want blazing B-to-B success in early January, start now. Waiting until Monday morning on January 3 to apply SEO to your webpages is too late. Start now, for success later.