Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Lead Generation using a Small Budget.

Lead Generation on a small budget can be a very effective way to feed your business with profitable top-line revenue.

If I had a small B-to-B business, aside from having good personal referrals and leads, having an effective web marketing program would be next big marketing action I would take.

If you want to have a business website or blog that will give you genuine revenue generating leads, here are proven some ideas that can help give you a big presence on the web and let your business grow.

Content: Define Your Business Goals

Prioritize the most profitable bits of your business for which you want to generate leads. Really define the service or product niche you provide, in order to improve your chances of lead gen success. Then work on those high value/high reward areas first. Use 'long-tail' tactics to create category killers for search. Webpage content should be concise, precise and with an obvious call-to-action. Use more pages to better niche your services, products or solutions.

Make it Easy to Contact Your Business:

Place your Business phone number and email on each webpage, and a link to a web-form if you have one. Make contacting your business easy.

Target Organic Search:

Make sure you have a cluster of coordinated webpages on your website describing those products or services. Create a combination of SEO friendly pages and then more in-depth pages to help sell the qualified visitor to contact you. Then test for organic search ranking after a few weeks, adjust and continue testing and revising until you are on the first page up high in search engine rankings.

Exploit Sensible Paid Search:

This can be very inexpensive if you micro-target and avoid broad search terms. Set you daily budget. Limit the geography and language options. Use long-tail and narrow search-terms to start, you can expand as you see what your real spend is. Use negative search terms to filter out unwanted clicks.

Create Professional Blogs:

Create a few relevant blogs that people will want to read and bring value. LINK those blogs to your website, and cross-link back to the Blogs. You will increase your visitor rate and hopefully your lead gen rate as well.

The Sum is greater than the parts when it comes to Search Engine Marketing. Add up all the steps above, and you will improve your opportunities for attracting great, quality business enquiries.