Sunday, August 4, 2013

Search Engine Marketing: A Look Behind the Curtain

Search Engine Marketing presentation at the Business Marketing Association in August 2013 luncheon, Houston Chapter:

What goes on with Search Engine Marketing?

There is a lot of depth and detail to Search Engine Marketing. Despite the complexity, success with Search Engine Marketing can be achieved if basic core principles are followed.

In Houston on August 15,2013, I was invited to present a 40 minute overview of search engine marketing to over 100 fellow professional Houston area B2B marketers at the Houston Business Marketing Association's Luncheon for a "Look Behind the Curtain on Search Engine Marketing" (SEM), at the Courtyard-on-St. James Place in Houston.

During the luncheon I shared my 10+ years of success and experience with SEM and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provided a look into how I and others have developed and exploited international search engine marketing strategies and tactics to drive significant, sustained, organic growth and strategic outsourcing and acquisition opportunities.

If you've wanted to learn more about Search Engine Marketing from an actual (fanatical) practitioner, this short, useful, and informative luncheon presentation can help motivate you to start using SEM, get better at SEM, inspire increased usage of SEM, and re-inspire you to improve and expand current SEM efforts.

Download the Search Engine Marketing presentation. (.pdf)

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Search Engine Marketing: Behind the Curtain