Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Survey Says Leads Are Primary Goal for Content Marketers

"Leads Take Hold as the Primary Goal of Content Marketing" - 

From the Second Annual IMN Content Marketing Survey - Executive Report

The results of this just released survey indicate there is a notable shift in content-marketing types to focus more on lead generation. Lead generation was described as the most important goal of content marketing by 44%, compared to 16% last year.

From my perspective, this trend is a most healthy development. Anyone who is successful in generating quality leads by search engine marketing, for example, is deeply engaged in a form of content marketing. Search engines rank webpages by the relevancy of the content to the intention of the person running the search.

Get the content right on your webpages and quality leads will pour in.

Get the content wrong and your webpage will be a failure for lead generation... lonely, unproductive, and unnoticed by your potential customers.
Source: Marketing Charts
Lead generation is one of the most important benefits marketing can contribute to an organization - - helping to feed the business with top-line revenue opportunities, ideally with attractive profit margins for the bottom-line.

As I've said here many times over the years: "Content is King".

Concise, precise, and relevant webpage content will help bring success with organic search engines and thus produce bonafide, high-value, leads.