Thursday, February 14, 2013

Give Your Sales Teams What They Crave This Valentine's Day - Good Leads

Give your sales teams that special Valentine's Day gift they will love - good, actionable business leads with potential, profit, and success. 

Surprise your sales teams with a few real diamond-quality leads, not a lot of zirconium, and they'll be asking for more.

Cupid knew a thing or two about
effective sales and marketing. 
Staying focused on good lead generation helps validate you and the marketing campaigns you are responsible for in the eyes of Sales and Executive Management. Good lead generation, done well, helps feed the business with opportunities to grow market share, enter new markets, and raise top-line gross margins and profitability.

Though I have a business administration degree with a specialization in marketing, I've also spent many happy, productive, and lucrative years in B-to-B technical and industrial sales.

I know first-hand when my marketing departments were feeding me juicy leads laden with potential, or burdening me with near-worthless piles of junk. A worst-case scenario happens when jaded sales people ignore marketing leads because so many are a waste of time - resulting in high-value leads being lost or ignored.

As a consequence, it's been my top priority as a marketer to feed the best sales leads I can to the top of the sales funnel, as many as possible, by all marketing channels, by all possible means.

Quality B-to-B lead generation should be a Prime Directive for any marketer. Certainly other marketing priorities are important, such as branding and PR, but lead generation should be a central core value and a top priority.

The bottom line is that quality leads are better than quantity leads.

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