Thursday, April 19, 2012

SERP Savvy Success: Number One out of 43.3 Million Pages

Focusing on organic search optimization can pay big SERP dividends. 

Thanks to precise, concise and relevant webpage content sitting in well-designed, refreshed, and maintained websites, I've been enjoying for some years many, many high search engine results page (SERP) results for many, many key search phrases... across multiple key market, service, technical and geographic niches.

Searching for SERP.
Today was a stellar example of SERP savvy success; a Google search result run today yielded an outstanding example of just how valuable effective SEO efforts can be. For a key service search phrase (three words), this specific webpage ranks number one out of 43,300,000 other webpages indexed by Google.

The search term is rather generic, which explains the 43.3 million indexed webpages. But the term has strong business value for our lead generation efforts. Because of our quality page content and additional related content on other pages in the website, along with multiple other web factors in our control and out of our control, Google's algorithm has decided our webpage was the most relevant for that particular search. Hooray!

Now it is time to put things back into a realistic perspective. One can never gloat about SEO for long. Search Engine Marketing success can never be taken for granted. You have to walk and/or run just to keep your position. Stop good SEO and you'll slide down the rankings over time.

Last week I created a new companion webpage for the superstar webpage, and the new page has had a strong debut at #10 SERP results out of 750,000 indexed pages. This is good, but not quite SERP nirvana yet. Will time and patience bring that page-rank up in the next few weeks, or do I have to revisit that page, slightly re-engineer it, tweak it, and see what happens next?

High SERP results are only part of a total SEO lead generation effort. Ranking is just a step in the process, a vital one, but just one step of many. After you have their attention with a high SERP you need to start selling. Important webpage selling features include having well-written content which your actual potential customers, not just search engine algorithims, will understand and be favorably impressed with. Having strong niche educational, feature, benefit and call-to-action content is important. Having good website usability and navigation is another plus. There is much more to consider besides SERP success.

SEO success is great, but it is wise to always look ahead and behind - - your 'aware' competitors are trying to chase you down and pass you up.

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