Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Adwords Approaches Infinity

Adwords Account Limits now let's you add "3 Million Keywords" to your Account.

3 Million Keywords and Counting.....
I just read Google Adwords' "Account Limits" web-page and I'm impressed. Effectively, for most marketeers and reasonably sane people, Google has reached near-infinity in terms of options available.... moving beyond mere stars and galaxies and into big-bang cosmic dust clouds when it comes to how massive you want to make your Adword campaigns.

I've been successfully managing Adwords accounts and campaigns targeting global, regional, language, and niche markets and geographies since 2003. Adwords is an extremely effective way to generate leads, advertise, and brand your services and products. Paid Search (Adwords, Bing) is one of the major pillars of Search Engine Marketing, along with (of course) Organic Search Optimization.

Newly updated information on Adwords account limits is very impressive:

AdWords account limits:
These are the limits for an AdWords account:
10,000 campaigns
20,000 ad groups per campaign
5,000 keywords per ad group
4 million active or paused ads per account
3 million keywords per account
10,000 location targets
100,000 active ad extensions per account
1.3 million references to ad extensions

Google goes on to say "Most advertisers don't reach this limit". Indeed..... I hope they are right because managing such massive accounts effectively and efficiently would require a small army to run it, along with a huge spend budget. At least now you know you'll likely never run out of keyword, campaign and ad group options with Adwords!
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