Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YouTube is one big fat Search Engine. SES Highlight Day Two.

One of the eye-opening concepts I picked up today at SES was that YouTube is one huge Search Engine and Social Media Site..... it is not stuck in an online "Video" niche, mostly visited by teenagers and college students. Far from it, as the user profile broadens and grows, opportunities to market to these people grows along with it. While I have posted videos for my company on a dedicated Youtube channel and we get visitors, I now realize we can and should do more to exploit this arena!

According to the panel assembled today for the SES Conference, Youtube is:

1. The 2nd most popular search engine in the world after Google.

2. The 2nd most popular social media website after Facebook.

Youtube enables users to discover and share videos (going viral). There are massive ad opportunities to get into Youtube and monetize it for your business. Already thousands of Brands are using Youtube to promote products and services, and driving traffic to landing pages on their websites.

Youtube has a keyword tool for "Promoted Videos", by targeting Video Title, Description and Tags. Paid Search costs on Youtube are very inexpensive compared to Google.

But creating a good video people will watch and send to their friends required good content... an art, not a science. People use Youtube for Inspiration, Education, Enlightenment and Education. "How To" videos are really starting to take off.

Put your URL into your video description. Include the http:// to make sure the link is live.

"Cosmic Panda" - A new look for YouTube is coming. YouTube is changing! Per Greg Jarboe.

SES Day Two: Today was another intense, in-depth, full, information-packed day on Search Engine Strategies and the Marketing that goes with it. There was so much good material today that I can't pack it all into one blog entry... more to come in the days ahead. I'm bringing a large cache of new tactics, strategies and tools back to the office, and there is still one more day to go. The Google Adwords team made an excellent presentation on "Google Ad Innovations" - - this topic alone deserves a dedicated blog entry, which it will get.