Sunday, August 7, 2011

Linkedin is not like Facebook.

Message to College Juniors and Seniors: Linkedin is not like Facebook.

I've talked to quite a few university students and others who need or will need a job in the near future. Some are college students about to graduate. Others are already in the workforce and looking for a new job. All of them must jump into a very tough job market.

The first thing I ask someone is if they have created a Linkedin Profile. To my constant surprise, around 90% give me a puzzled look and said "No, I don't have one. What is Linkedin? Is it like Facebook?".

There are a surprisingly large number of people out there who haven't heard of Linkedin, or think it is a social media website like Facebook. The short answer is No. Linkedin is not like Facebook. For your work career, Linkedin is vital. 

Linkedin and Facebook are not the same. They perform very different tasks. One is primarily Social Networking (Facebook). The other is primarily Professional Networking (Linkedin). My advice to Juniors and Seniors in College is don't ignore Linkedin

Get your profile up and running ASAP. Start building your professional network and profile while in school - - you'll be very glad you did when your graduating and looking for that dream entry-level job!